My first review, Makeup FAVORITES :)

So this is my 1st review for you guys. it took a while to decide what to start with because if you know me there is always so much to say when it comes to makeup 🙂

So my favorites is where I decided to start and here they are:

My favorites right now.

  1. Primer- Max Factor facefinity Primer. £12.00 Tesco
  2. Concealer – Lasting perfection in shade fair. £3.99 Tesco
  3. Foundation – Maybelline  fit me shade 120. £7.99 Tesco
  4. Press powder –  Rimmel stay matte in 001. £3.99  Superdrug
  5. Eyebrows – MUA Luxe Power brow in shade fair. £3.00 Make up Academy website
  6. Eye shadow – MUR I heart makeup, death by chocolate. £7.99 Superdrug.
  7. Mascara –  No7 Lash Impact shade black. £13.50. Superdrug.
  8. Lip liner – Avon ultra glimmerstick shade deep purple £6.00 AVON website.
  9. Lipstick – Avon ultra indulgence shade Lilac spring. £4.50 Avon website.

so there is my list with prices and where I bought from now for why they are my favorites at the moment.

I have tried quite a few primers and my max factor primer really stands out as being the best so far. Yes it is white but becomes clear on application and glides on like a serum. Doesn’t have a smell and does not leave me shining, it has a almost silky feel both applying and when dry.

Concealer I really had to think hard because there is 2 favorites here for me but I went for the cheaper priced one as it works just as good as a lot of expensive ones.  Its not thick and clumpy, smooths on with the applicator. I do use a beauty blender afterwards just to make sure it is completely smooth but that’s just me being nit picky. Coverage is strong and lasts around 6 hours before touch up.

Foundation is my all time favorite and I always end up going back to using this. It is a pump bottle so no fuss or mess, I would say medium to full coverage and lasts around 8 hours. It is in shade Ivory and has a slight pink tone to it. If you suffer with big dark red patches I suggest a yellow corrector on top.

Powder at the minute is Rimmel stay matte, I bought 001 but this is almost white so I use a bronzer when finished to lighten this up. Should have bought 002. As for the product yes it is great. I suffer with big open pores and I don’t like the way press powder seems to make my pores look a lot bigger afterwards. The one negative thing about this is it needs touching up after about 3 hours. This is definatly  my must have, just need to buy the right shade.

Eyebrows, well I am sick of buying brow kits, pencils, wands you name it I have bought it for them not to do me justice. Until now, Make Up Academy  Luxe brow power is brilliant for me, I love how it is a twist up pencil so I can twist to the right length for me and it just fills my brows with no effort at all. I got shade fair as I don’t like my brows over powering and this is just enough color for mine. It is dual sided and the opposite  end is a highlighter for the arch of your brow. This is almost a peachy color with a good amount of shimmer so I do use this a lot for my brows. I can’t leave home with it this 🙂

Make Up Revolution  Eye shadows are relevantly new to me.  I had heard a lot of great things about the I heart make up range and decided it was time to invest. The only one left on the shelve was death by chocolate palette. the colors are pretty neutral with both mattes and shimmers. The pigmentation is not deep but can be built up. It is not chalky at all which is great for a cheaper end palette. after about 5 hours I do notice my eyes are pretty bare again. But for the price I can’t complain.

Mascara my all time favorite is no7 boots brand. I have tons of mascaras by lots of brands but I do love coming back to this one. This is the only no7 makeup product I own and was given a sample to try last year and have been buying this ever since. I never get clumps on my lashes, never feels heavy even after  wearing all day and evening and my lashes look thick and long which is great for me because I have quite set back eyes.

Avon lip liners are the best long lasting liners I own. At the moment I am wearing purples and lilacs so this deep plum is a great shade for my lip sticks. Twist up pencil, smooth and lasts about 6 hours before I need a touch up.

Avon lip sticks again seem to be the best long lasting lipsticks I own. the textures and shades are in great variety so its very hard to choose what to buy. With this one is says lilac spring but once on the lips its more deeper than spring but a lovely color. Slight shimmer to it but very creamy texture, I have never had dried out lips with this product. Last around 6 hours but by the 6th hour it is still there but very pale.


7 thoughts on “My first review, Makeup FAVORITES :)

  1. Hey there!
    Love the post. I’ve been wanting to try Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder. But I can only get it online here in Indonesia.
    Anyway, I hope we can support each other!

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  2. I literally just got the makeup revolution palette in the post today, can’t wait to try it but disappointed to hear they didn’t last well, I guess for the price of them can’t expect much! I might try a primer to see if that works!

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