Collection Lipsticks.

These are the 1st collection lipstick I have bought and boy I am glad I did.

I am terrible for an offer, so while on a shopping trip I noticed 3 for 2 in Tesco. £3.20 each so made it £6.40 for all 3, bargain.

After a swatch covered hand I made my decision.

  • Sugar Plum 03,
  • Valentine 12,
  • Scorned 2.


The packaging is really nice and good solid plastic, I love the symbol on the top of the lids.  All lipsticks are creamy and last around 8 hours with the odd touch up.

Sugar plum is middle pink color with plenty of shimmer.

Valentine yes its red with a hint of peach, now I don’t normally do red but the color is beautiful. Its not a deep red and no way near what I call cheap looking red.

Scorned is a deep plum color for that all out bold look. I noticed this lipstick kept the deep color all day so didn’t have to worry about my lip liner showing when lip stick disappears.

11156117_1596286740657700_216391883190289160_nDo you have a favorite collection lipstick? If so what color


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