Barry M :)

10421261_1598675437085497_2406862947743981217_nSo THE B Man as I like to call him 🙂 has brought a whole new range of colors to our counters. I cannot walk past without going over and have a glimpse.
A while back I bought 2 bottles of the new Gelly Hi Shine range in mustard and mint, couldn’t wait to get them home and on my nails, but for some reason I couldn’t get on with them and they have been sitting staring back at me since. So after reading a few blogs on Barry M polish I decided to try again and bought these beauties.
1st one is Gelly hi shine Green Berry, 2nd is Matte Malibu and the 3rd is Gelly hi shine top coat Plumpy.
I always start with a base coat like we all should and then applied 1 st coat. The hi shine was quite thick and did a lot of streaking where as the matte was perfect. I hope you can see it in this picture.
11113930_1598668333752874_53734684607741664_nThe Hi shine needed a 2nd coat where as the matte did not need it. After applying the 2nd coat of hi shine I was not happy with how thick it looked on my nails but the color is stunning so decided to carry on. I did my tips in the opposite  color  and again I felt the hi shine not as strong as the matte. Hi shine has a great shine but just to thick to work with, the thinner you apply it the quick it dry’s the hard it is to work with. The matte Malibu is a matte so no shine which is ok because I knew I wanted to put the top coat on to it. Now I have only ever used one brand for top coats so this was very new to me. The 1st thing I noticed was the applicator brush it is square, this makes doing nails a lot easier. The product seemed quite thick but while applying to the nails it just glides on with ease. It also had a sticky texture when dabbing the brush on the bottle tip which I can only describe as taking a piece of cheesy pizza and the cheese just pull’s and pulls.
I do love Barry M polish but still cannot get on with the hi shine range, so now I am going to get lots of matte and use the top coat to plump the color out.
Buy 3 get 1 free. £3.99 each from tesco

10933879_1598668303752877_1278146474189381205_nMalibu in Matte is my favorite color by far and cannot wait to own more 🙂
Do you have a favorite Barry M Polish?


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