Death by Chocolate, yes please :)

What a name, death by chocolate makes me just want to run to the cupboards and grab some chocolates. this one however is not for eating but for glamming up your eyelids.
Make Up Revolution have brought out 3 palettes in their I heart Make up range, that look like bars of chocolate. I have read a lot of reviews on these being dupes for Two faced but I don’t own too faced so I can’t comment. But what I can comment on is this beautiful palette because it’s mine 🙂
mur choc pal
This is my favorite palette to date. The case as you can see has been designed to look like a dark chocolate bar, it is strong plastic and I say strong because I have dropped it a couple of times and nothing has moved or broken. It has 16 matte and shimmer eye shadows.
One of the best things about this palette is the mirror, the size of the inside lid so really useful for someone like me as when I take my glasses of I can’t see a thing.
beautiful warm tone colors that are smooth almost cream textured, deep strong colors and pigments. Long lasting wear, doesn’t crease.
The colors work for all seasons because of the mixture of light and dark colors. In my opinion if you could only own one palette then this would be the best to buy because of the range of make up styles you can do with it.

MUR Choc palette

1. White Light. Matte
2. Don’t Let Go. Shimmer.
3. Break Me Up. Matte.
4.Consume me. Shimmer.
for some reason I missed swatching All is Lot.Very dark green almost grey color.
5. Lick Me. Matte.
6. Fool’s Gold. Shimmer.
7. One More Bar. Matte
8. Devour Me. Matte.
9. Tear The Wrapper. Shimmer.
10. Love You To Death. Shimmer.
11. Pray For Me. Shimmer.
12. Dipped. Shimmer.
13. Tease Me. Shimmer.
14. Set Me Free. Shimmer.
15.Bring Down Angels. Shimmer.

So what are you waiting for pop over to their website and have a look for yourself. you won’t be sorry you did. £7.99.

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3 thoughts on “Death by Chocolate, yes please :)

  1. I saw this on reddit originally I think and honestly I actually prefer it to the too faced version… I don’t know what all the hubbub is about with the chocolate bar and semi sweet. To me they aren’t that great.

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