Happy birthday to me :) Haul

HI Beauties
sorry it has been over a week since my last post, but as you can see by the title it has been my birthday and it was a busy few days.
I wanted to share with you the beautiful gifts I got. This is not a blog to brag or show off, I wanted to share with you how lucky I am this year with my family and friends.
I got lots of goodies that I cannot wait to do reviews on. I got a lot of items on offer like 3 for 2 and buy 2 for x amount.
I visited Superdrug, Boots, Poundland and Primark.

My son bought me the Laura Geller Makeup set that was on QVC last month.
I had never tried her brand but had read quite a few reviews so was very excited when I open this and had no choice but to try it right away lol. Review coming very soon on this.
With the money and gift card I had left from family and friends I bought this little bundle.

Now this last photo I wanted to share with you all because it meant so much to me. My daughter is 12 and last month when I had emptied my glossy box she asked to use it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box to all this. Jackie Collins is my favorite author and a few years ago I lost a lot of my collection to flooding.  I am loving certain Barry M shades at the moment, my favorite body spray and much more. My daughter had been telling me porkies because when I noticed she didn’t have any pocket money I asked what she had been spending it on and her reply was on snacks at school :0
The new look gift card well that was a shock to us all as no one seemed to know how she got it, then it dawned on me a conversation a while back. At her school they get vivo points for homework, good behavior ect and they can save their points for gifts, so what has she done? YES treated me to a gift card instead of something for herself.

I share my birthday with my husband so normally we just buy each other a little something and go out for a meal, this year my husband wanted to do something more because I always share (his words lol).
I cannot wait to take pictures of swatches and makeup looks to write about and share.:)

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17 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me :) Haul

  1. Happy birthday and what a great family! Your daughter sounds just adorable! And what a great present from your son – I look forward to reading your review of the Laura Gellar make up as I have yet to try her stuff but I do want to xxx

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  2. Happy Birthday – what an amazing haul 🙂 And what a super sweet thing your daughter did for you – that’s so lovely of her! Such a sweetie… proud mama moment!!! Enjoy your goodies, Karen xo

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