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Laura Geller Life in Rose.

This was bought for me for my birthday, I was very excited as I had seen it a few backs on QVC. I have never tried any of her makeup but had heard a lot of good things, so this was a great gift for me.
You get a choice of 3 colors, fair, medium and dark. Mine is the fair skin box.
The come in a beautiful box covered in Roses and a leaflet with what is inside.

In the box is 6 makeup items and one dual brush.
1. Spackle tinted under make-up primer.
2. Baked Balance-n- Brighten Foundation.
3. Baked Marble Shadow Duo + Pearl/Eartch.
4.Baked Gelato Flower Blush + Pink Rose.
5. Black Khol Eyeliner Pencil.
6. Lip Silk. Liquid Lipstick = French Kiss.
7. Duo brush + foundation/ Eye shadow.

laura geller
Now as you can see by the picture the primer gave me a very shiny look, which shocked me as it says it is oil free and yet my face felt very oily. It has a slight pink under tone which I think is great for the summer if not wanting to use foundation but still for me it is to oily.
I have never used powdered foundation before so was a little worried that it would look flaky but it went on really smooth and if you look at the picture you will see it took all the shine away and left my skin looking matte, the feel of my skins was so soft I couldn’t stop feeling it :). Cover is light to medium which is great for a quick foundation look but for me I still had all my red batching coming threw. I think like the primer this would be good for the summer when you have a slight all over face tan.
The eye shadows look powdery but once applied are very smooth and lasts about 8 hours. They don’t have a strong pigment but with a couple of build up coats work quite nice.
Blush well firstly how pretty is the rose pattern, I almost didn’t want to touch it πŸ™‚ This is a strong pink blush with highlight running threw it. It does take some getting use to, so I played around with it a number of times before I felt it was the right look for me. Again not a stong pigment but can be built up, but what I do love it the beautiful shimmer it gives my cheeks. I have no need to use an extra highlighter with this and its great for a quick make up and run look.
Liquid lip silk goes on very light almost nude which I cannot wear having such fair skin and small lips, it claims to build up the to the color of your natural lips. It did but again because I don’t have strong colored lips it was still almost nude. So I used a darker lip liner and added this lip stick over the top and as you can see by the picture the middle of my lips are a lot light, but that works nicely.
Eye liner pencil is a nice shade of brown but sadly I cant use it as it is to strong on my eyes and irritated them. It is creamy and glides on easy.
Now the brushes I am still undecided about how I feel about them. They really pick up the product and works great when applying foundation and eye shadow but for me they are a little bit prickly on my face and lids. Not uncomfortable so I cannot use them but not soft like many brushes I have used. But that is where I can’t make my mind up because they do a good job I just don’t like the texture.
Would I buy this again, the foundation defiantly this will be my go to summer foundation, the blush is one of my favorite go to blushers at the minute so this will be on my wish list for Christmas πŸ™‚ as for the other products I don’t think I would, Β that is not saying you shouldn’t because what works for one person may not for another.
My son paid Β£40.00 for this set from QVC and the products bought separate are worth approx Β£130.00

Till next time my beauties have fun and enjoy what ever makes you happy.
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