il_214x170.668123471_q2fn Thank you to the beautiful for tagging me to do this blog.
The rules are pretty simple: In this tag we have to share 10 things we love and 10 we hate and nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same.

Ok so here is my 10 things I LOVE

1. That smell when grass has been cut and it rains. It makes me feel all snugly and warm 🙂
2. My nails, I love just about anything to do with my nails. I am obsessed with polish and nail art.
3. Writing my blogs has to be up there in this because I just love to express my opinions about things I enjoy. (soon you tube them as well ).
4. My hubby and children and grandchild. I have a step daughter who has a little girl so I technically am I nan lol my other daughter is 12 and like my bestie 🙂 My son is 19 and is such a kind thoughtful man (when he wants to be )
5. I love walks, especially in the autumn and winter in the forests.
6. My favorite month is Winter, I love to wrap up when out and about and then love the dark evenings as it is an excuse to close the curtains and get your jimjams on early.
7. My friends well how can I not love them, they know I am a tad mental, I can be very nutty at times (well most of the time) and yet they still love me.
8. I have a passion for crafts, I love to create. I do put my hands to almost anything creative once.
9. Music, music is also a big love of mine not only am I a singer in a band but I just love to let loose and dance to music, no mater where I am lol.
10. Finally food, I love to cook, I am no good at baking no mater how many times I try. I enjoy making dishes using all different herbs, spices and sauces and seeing what happens.

10 things I HATE 

1. I absolutely hate people that spit, it makes me sick, I just think it is one of the worst things anyone can do.
2. When I have painted my nails and need to go and do something and the smear.
Rude people. I do not understand why people have to be rude, it doesn’t take a lot to have manners or even to just listen.
4. People that are suppose to be friends and yet bitch about each other behind their backs, if you need to do this why stay friends!!!
5. Gardening. I love sitting in my  garden but I hate gardening, I just hate the fact that all that hard work to make it look nice is destroyed within half the year.
6. I actually hate summer lol. It gets to hot to do anything, tires you out quickly, makes you uncomfortable and it doesn’t feel cosy 🙂
7. I hate biting nails. Because I love long nails I get irritated when I see people sitting around chewing their fingers.
8.Spiders. OMG the scare me, I really do get sick when I see one and can’t move out of the room if it is in there with me.
9. Loneliness. This saddens me when I see elderly people that have no family and friends have passed, you can see that look that just makes me want to cry.

10. I hate that I had to find 10 things to HATE because I love so much lol

I nominate:

Thanks for reading my 10 love/hate tag, please remember to click like and follow for more blogs.
Remember always do whatever makes you happy.


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