O.P.I I need in my life :)

Hi Beauties.

My nails needed a make over, nothing major just a quick color and pattern so I didn’t run out the door naked lol.
Nails are my obsession and I don’t feel dressed unless my nails are dressed.
So today’s nails are O.P.I nail lacquer shade Big Apple Red.
shade Alpine snow
and top coat is Barry M plumpy.

To have beautiful nails all the time doesn’t have to be expensive, just a good quality nail polish would be enough. Again if you want to do patterned art just a simple tool, maybe a nail art pen, or some clever hand work with your nail polish brush.
Who say’s it has to cost a fortune to have stunning, beautiful or simple nails.

For a quick and easy vamp use a nail dotting tool or a cuticle stick. use a color that with go with your full colored nails. Put a blob of polish on an old piece of paper or card. Dip your tool into this color and dot it onto your nails, once dry take your top coat and gentle coat your nails for a nice shine finish. There is no written rule on where and how to place the dots, it is up to you how you want it to look.
And there you have it, from naked to fun in a matter of minutes.
So till next time beauties 🙂
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