Real Neat Blog Award.

Hi Beauties
Yes by the title you have guessed it, my blog today is the real neat blog award.
Thank you to the lovely makeupxpressions for nominating me 🙂
Please click the link and go visit her for some great blogs.


– Post the Real Neat Blogger Award Icon

– Thank the fabulous blogger who nominated you

– Answer the 7 questions said fabulous blogger asked

– Nominate any number of other bloggers for the award

– Pose 7 questions for your nominees to answer should they choose to accept the award

Questions from Makeupxpressions

1. One beauty product you can not live without
I can’t live with lip liners.

2. One holiday destination that you crave to visit

3. One career possibility that you dream of

4. Your favorite chocolate
Cadbury’s cookie cream

5. Phone or Internet, which one would you choose?
Internet, you can do more

6. Your favourite makeup brand

7. One bad habit that you cannot give up
Talking lol

I nominate:








My questions to you

1) Which do you spend most time on Skincare or Make up.
2) What’s the most expensive product you have bought
3) summer or winter
4) If you was stranded on a desert island which celebrity would you want with you.
5) Favourite Drink
6) Are you a writing blogger, you tuber or both
7) Heels or flats.

I look forward to reading your answers.

Till next time my beauties have fun and enjoy what ever makes you happy.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

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3 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award.

  1. Mmmm… cadbury cookie cream. Pregnancy craving totally just kicked in lol. My man is lucky he isn’t here or he’d be going to the store right now! 😉 Congrats lovely and thank you for the nomination! ❤ xx

    Liked by 1 person

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