Lush Rose Queen


Hi Beauties.

Blog today had to be about the beautiful scented Rose Queen bath bomb by LUSH.
This large round bath bomb has a very strong rose scent, so if you don’t like floral then you are out of luck with this product.
Rose is meant to quench that thirsty skin and make it soft again, while the blue mallow flower is an astringent so helps with red blotching and itchy skin. As well as these to flowers the bomb contains dried petals, so once dissolved in the bath these petals float around. I found this bit also quite nice, while soaking you get these little petals swirling around 🙂
This bomb makes your bath water pink, which without bubbles is quite strange to me lol.
I really did feel relaxed while in the bath, almost too relaxed as I nearly feel asleep. The scent stays quite strong for a very long time and I believe this helps with the relaxation.
I have to be careful with products because I find a lot of them make me blotchy and irritate my skin, especially my legs and chest area. Well I am pleased to say this bath bomb caused neither of these to happen and left my legs silky.
For £2.75 it is defiantly worth every penny. I know a lot of people break them up so to spread the bomb over a few uses, which I think is even more value for your money.
This is defiantly on my list again ready to visit the store.

List of ingredients


Till next time my beauties have fun and enjoy what ever makes you happy.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

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