LUSH Peace Massage Bar

Hi Beauties.

By now I think you may be getting the idea how mad I am about LUSH, well who isn’t lol.
This Peace massage bar is new to me and I have never tried anything like it before.
The lady at lush lakeside was great and showed us how it worked and felt and what was in it.
One ingredient is Shea butter for nourishing and hydrating and another is cocoa butter for softening the skin.
When I 1st seen this bar I thought it would be quite hard to use or at least a pain,
because like most things that come in bar form you tend to have to wet 1st and then
there’s getting the towel and maybe wiping it off after but not this bar, but also who has the time to be faffing about
after a hard day, we just want to sit and relax right?
well after a bath I put my jimjams on and went downstairs to relax and catch up on a bit of soap watching (yes I know lol)
I took the peace bar out of the wrapper and held in in the cup of my hands for a few seconds, you can feel it instantly start to feel dam, I then rubbed the bar along my arms and rubbed the oils in, it soaked in pretty much instantly so I carried on with my hands feet and legs. I felt quite relaxed before hand and even more relaxed afterwards.
There was no oil, sticky feeling left just soft smoother skin that had a subtle smell, nothing overbearing, this is the butters.
By far this is the best massage bar I have ever used and I am now hooked, this bar could well last a couple of months, just depending on how much you use it lol for me this is going on my treats list and my Christmas list as I never want to run out of it lol.
price is Β£6.95.Β lush


Fair Trade Colombian Cocoa Butter
Fair Trade Shea Butter
Fair Trade Olive Oil
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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