Clarins Lips.

Hi beauties

I have been slowly getting through all the beautiful bits I got for my birthday and am able to start reviewing a few too.
So today I wanted to talk about Clairn’s Lipstick in shade 10 Pink Fuchsia.
This was a birthday present from the bestie in Canada Miss Shelby.
I have searched the uk sites for this color but cannot find this actual one so can’t give you a price.
When I 1st opened it, I thought it to be red, but turns out it is named pink fuchsia, ermmmm lol.
As you can see by the picture it does look red but in certain lights it does have a pink under tone to it.
The packaging is gold and looks very posh. Good sturdy plastic casing, so doesn’t get broken when in the handbag.
It is slimline and doesn’t have as much product as many of my other lipsticks, which is a shame.
It is very creamy and moisturizing on the lips, so doesn’t dry your lips out, which is always a bonus.
What I did find is it doesn’t have a long lasting wear. Now in UK Clarins lipsticks cost between £20-£30,
So for the product not to last long is quite disappointing. I do have a regime when doing my lips.
Lip scrub
Lip liner
Powder blotting over tissue.
Lip lock.
So as you can imagine with doing all that to get my lips looking somewhat like a pair of lips I do need
it to last longer than my morning coffee.
Now having said that I do love the color and the packaging and also because it is from miss Shelby,
but would I buy it. Not for the price in the UK
7/10 overall

till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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