Mermaids v Unicorns Palette

Bit of a wet miserable day here today, so this gave me the chance to get some more photos
and blogs done 🙂
Today I bring you Mermaids v unicorns palette by make up revolution.


The first thing that jumped out at me was how bright and cheerful it look for a simple palette.
I love how the top lid is clear so you can see which palette to choose (makes life so much easier)
Then the name how cute is that mermaids v unicorns, it makes you want to own it
just for the name lol.
I bought this palette because I don’t seem to have many bright colors and with the summer season well the odd hot day upon us I thought I would be a bit more daring.
With 12 shadows to choose from, 4 are very glittery the other 8 are shimmer,
which gives you so many different looks.
These shadows feel very creamy for a powder, they glide on so easy and great pigmentation.
Lasting quality is long-lasting, no fall out.
A great palette for daytime or partying the night away.
mermaids-vs-unicorns £4.00 is a steal.

Have you tried this palette? if so let me know what your thoughts are.

till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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