Make up Geek Lipstick


Hi Beauties
On a bit of a lip stick run at the moment, there is just too many out there lol.
So today I give you I ❤ Makeup Geek. Total Diva.
This is the 1st one I own from this collection. I wasn’t sure about it because of the packaging, it just
came across as cheap and tacky when I was looking online.
So while in town I thought I would go and have a look and low and behold I love the packaging,
this pink shiny bullet is a lot like the shape of the mac lipstick cases.
Once I was sold on the packaging the hard part was which one to choose!!!
After a long back and forth and swatch after swatch I finally decided on Total Diva.
With great pigmentation and creamy texture, you will be surprised that I only paid £1.99.
It is a nice shade of red but on my lips is almost a brown with a touch of red, but still looks FAB-U-LOUS 🙂
With a thick texture you would think it would quite easily slip and start to bleed but it stayed where
it needed to be for a few hours before I needed to top it up again.
Makeup Revolution sell these in collections on their website, so I do believe a collection of these is
will be posting it’s way to me very soon lol.
So for anyone on a budget, or likes a bit of shine shine in your bag, you can’t go wrong with these.
lipstick-geek-total-diva £1.99

till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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