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Yes another lipstick review 🙂 I just cannot help myself at the moment with all these great lipsticks out.
This one is from the Kate collection by Rimmel. Shade 02.
Shade 01 was originally out for red nose day and was pure red, I like that one so much that I decided to go for shade 02
which is a red/pink shade.
So these lipsticks are created by Kate Moss for Rimmel and are high intensity colour for a long lasting wear.
Ok,so I do like this lipstick but there was a couple of downfalls. It doesn’t last as long as it claims (for up to 8 hours)
it is not as strong and wearable as shade 1. It wasn’t very pink on the lips (which could be just my lips)
and it doesn’t have much of a shine to it, which is surprising because they are in fused with black diamond
which claims to reflects the light like nothing before
It is creamy and easy to apply but is almost matte, so in all honesty this is perfect right now as I am loving mattes, but I didn’t buy it for the matte.
This does need a good durable lip liner as it does tend to bleed. I had to reapply after about 4 hours.
kate-moss £5.49

till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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