KISS yes please :)

1.lips n kiss
Hi Beauties
I wanted to share with you two products today, they are from the company
This is a new company that launched their 1st ever lipsticks in April this year.
While still launching new items to their growing choices of products I wanted to try this lipstick.
As you know I am becoming a little obsessed at the moment with lipsticks so now was the perfect opportunity
to buy from a new company.
1.frisky fuchsia
So beauties I give you Kisstick in Frisky Fuchsia. £7.00
Dark pink with a subtle hint of red.
Packaging is black tough plastic.
Good amount of color on the end for you to pick it out of your collection easily.
For me this is almost drying when putting on, but is smooth and glides on easy.
Thick consistency which is great for me because I usually don’t need a mirror to tell me if it
needs topping up or not lol.
Really strong pigmentation too.
When I blot it doesn’t loose a lot of product. Big bonus point.
This lasted around 5 hours before I topped up again. I had eaten lunch and a cup of coffee
in that time.
So my routine to getting a good lasting color consists of
1. lip scrub
Lip scrub (thought I would give you a little kiss there lol)
Starting your lips off with a scrub is great for getting rid of dry flaky skin and leaving a
smooth surface.
1.lip balm
Lip balm. After scrubbing you need to put some sort of balm onto your lips, to sooth and lock
in the moisture the scrub has just done for you.
Once done you can go straight ahead and add your color.
here is where I do lip liner, add lipstick, blot, add more lippy, blot again, then highlight.
But that is just me, you can just go straight ahead and add your lipstick.
Then for me I like to wear a lip seal especially
if I am going out for long hours and don’t
have time to  top the lipstick up, so with the lipstick I bought Locked lips.
Now this I have to give a 10/10 because I have not owned a seal as good as this.
Easy to apply after you finish your lips. No tacky sticky feeling, does NOT dry the lips out.
This is a must for any lover of lips.
3.1ml /0.12 fl.oz for £3.50 that’s what you call a bobby dazzler 🙂
1.kiss ff
I just wish I had model lips so you can see the full effect 🙂
1.kiss n cote
Just one downfall for me is no lip liners.
I have to have lip liners or I don’t feel finished lol, so I am hoping as the Kiss gets
bigger this is something they may introduce.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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