MUOTD Loving it

Hi Beauties
so this is the 1st makeup of the day blog I have done 🙂
Because I am now having to think about blogs for both here and you tube I thought it time to branch out.
Today’s make up just went on with a breeze, easy, no fuss just statement makeup day.
So lets kick off with the base.
Rimmel London Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation. Shade 100 Ivory

I heard a lot of people recommend this product and now I can see why.
It is so light weight you feel as though you are bare faced but with coverage.
Lasted all day, no touch ups, no shine and that’s with no press powder.
Maybelline Instant anti-age Eraser. Shade Nude
another recommendation. Has a slight orange tone to help cover those dark circles. In my case black eyes lol.
Rimmel Match perfection skin Concealer 010 Ivory
I use this on top of the eraser to cover the orange tone and to lighten the under eye area
Rimmel professional Eyebrow pencil shade 002 Hazel.
Glides through my eyebrows with ease, giving them good color. The brush is tough bristles
so helps to really shape them.
Rimmel Scandaleyes shade 018 Pink + 013 Berry Chrome.
Great color, shimmer and no crease eye shadows for the get up and go day.
W7 Wild lash Mascara.
This was a recommendation and from poundland. I was a bit worried it would be too wet but
it actually wasn’t and went through my lashes with ease, no clumps, lengthening and curling
at the same time.
I am still learning the art of contouring, I have tried a few different products.
Lasting Perfection Concealer.
I love this product as you will have read in other posts, but while I am trying out other
concealers I still wanted to use this. I find it really good for highlighting so there for why not have it as
part of my contour day.
Make Up Revolution Single Eye shadow Shade Delicious.
This was a recent recommendation, I have been looking for a grey toned brown for contouring
but everything comes out slightly orange. So when people posted videos of this
recommendation I jumped in to give it ago too. I am liking this tone, but being fair skinned
being very light handed is a must lol.
And last but not least MY LIPS
I ❤ Make up. Make up GEEK. Shade I worked for it.
Another new lip stick added to my collection lol. I will review this next week.
Kiss Cosmetics UK Locked lips.
I reviewed this product in my last blog HERE
Sleek Correct and concealer Palette. 04
This is one of those products that I don’t use for what I bought it for. For me I can’t get to grips with
the contour color it is too orange.
But this is what makes my lips better. With a lip brush I use this to highlight my cupids bow.
Correct and seal the edge the edge of my lips and slight line underneath to make the shadow.
As you can see it is well used lol.
And there you have it my make up of the day.
I have done a video on this over on my new you tube channel.
Mrs Dimples Beauty Channel.
For anyone that wants to check it out 🙂
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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