OMG 200 Followers.

Hi Beauties.
OMG wow wow wow.
I just popped on to read some blogs and notice I have over 200 followers.
This means the world to me.
I wanted to blog for a long long time, but felt I was a bit too old lol
or I maybe found to be boring but NO
You guys that have followed me are fantastic.
I cannot stop smiling,
Blogging has done a lot for me and words cannot express what it has done
and now this amount of followers has just topped it off.
I have been brave enough to start a you tube channel which is great too.Β youtube
I want to do a giveaway and I will have a good think about what I can do and will post about it in the
coming weeks.
Now as a thank you I am giving some shout outs.
These are totally random from my followers list, please click the links and go follow some
amazing bloggers.
Samantha Turrubiate
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
Thanks for reading don’t forget to click Like and follow if you want to read more πŸ™‚
You can also follow me on

Mrs Dimples Beauty Channel.
twitter mrsdimpleshere


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