why didn’t I buy this sooner!!!

11099476_1627865597499814_6017795434332926149_n Hi Beauties.
Today I want to talk about this fab cleanser brush I bought a month ago.
I have waited this long to talk about it because I really wanted to get a good feel for it and make sure it just wasn’t a one of thing that it works.
I popped into my local supermarket and as always I have to the beauty department (it’s an unwritten law right? )
As I was leaving I noticed this display, today only £10 normally £29.99.
The sales assistant came over to demonstrate the product for me, I was still a little unsure because my skin can be so sensitive. But for £10 it was worth a try.
So the contents consist of a 3 point super cleansing brush,even though the bristles are plastic they are very soft, two speeds, one very slow movement and 2nd a faster speed.Even though the bristles are plastic they are very soft
With this the olay serum, this had sand like micro beads. smells like soap but only lightly.
My 1st try with this brush was good, it made my skin feel light and clean, no break out on my skin the next day, 2nd use was 4 days later but this time the next day by the skin beside my eye was swore. Because it was only in the one place it didn’t effect me to much, this happened again on the next use and I realized what it was, I was using the faster speed and I think it was too harsh in this area. Since then I have kept it on the slow speed.
I love the serum as it just smells fresh and makes you feel that clean fresh feeling when drying, but I don’t use it every time.
I use the brush twice a week, once with the olay serum and the second with my benefits cleanser. Both just as good as each other.
I have noticed a good change in my skin, my make up sits better and my skin looks healthier and my blemishes are slowly reducing since using this brush which is great 🙂
It is so easy to use, I use my micellar water to take make up off, then lightly wet my face, add a pea size amount of serum on my skin, wet the brush end and turn it on, you can do this for as long as you want the effect is still the same but the longer the more relaxing it seems to be lol.
Once finished clean the serum from your face with cold water pat dry and carry on with your skin routine.
Rinse the brush under warm water to remove any serum.
once a week while cleaning my make up brushes I soak the head in a little warm water with baby shampoo to clean it.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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