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Hi Beauties
For all the uk people I hope you have been enjoying the heatwave. I know I haven’t 😦
I really struggle with the summer. I don’t like hot weather, I like the sunshine but not HEAT!!!
So today’s blog is this little beauty Olay sensitive & Natural day cream, anti-wrinkle with spf 15.
So must makeup lovers like to make sure there primers or foundations have SPF in them for the summer,
but what about if you don’t want to were makeup or don’t like makeup.
We then have to search the thousands upon thousands of day creams to suit our skin for the summer.
I stumbled across this product be accident, the assistant on beauty was at the promotions stand,
so as you do had to pop over lol. I have always found Olay to be quite a thick consistency for my skin so
for summer daytime I doubt this would suit. The lady popped a bit of my hand and low and behold it was
just so light I couldn’t wait to try it on my face.
Firstly I noticed the smell, it has a subtle hint of lemon, which for me is a refreshing smell,
the texture is thick but spreads in easy and soaks into my skin within seconds, it does leave a slight sheen
look on my face, but I am use to that with combination skin. There is no greasy after feeling.
I have been using this every time I go out underneath makeup and without makeup. My skin has
brightened up and given me a nice glow.I need to add I
have not noticed any difference with my fine lines from this product but I didn’t buy it for the anti-wrinkle lol.
I bought this for £4.95 normal price £9.99.
It is definitely  worth t£9.99 and last’s, so far I have used this for 3 weeks and still have over half a tub.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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6 thoughts on “olay olay ooolay

  1. Looks like Olay’s becoming your new favourite skin care brand. But I can’t blame you, I love their products too. 🙂

    Have you tried Olay’s day lotions with SPF? They’re non-greasy, yet they’re bursting with moisture, but the texture is lighter. Plus: You get twice the amount for the same price. The ‘regular’ day lotion (my favourite) is usually around £5 (half price offer) and it’s a 200 ml bottle. This one: https://mrsstrawberryblonde.wordpress.com/2015/03/30/olay-essentials-complete-care-day-fluid/

    Or if you want one of the Anti-Wrinkle moisturisers, try the ‘purple’ one. It’s this one: https://mrsstrawberryblonde.wordpress.com/2015/05/29/olay-anti-wrinkle-firm-lift-day-lotion/

    Superdrug has lots of half price offers on Olay products at the moment. 🙂

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