1. lips and figHi Beauties
So today’s blog is another lipstick, but this time it is not a good blog but a  regret buying blog.
By now you all know I absolutely love lipsticks and I like to be honest about any product
I own as this is my personal opinion.
So today it is with great regret that I say I have came across a product that I really cannot get on with
for a number of reasons. This is defiantly a regret buy.
Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick shade Fig Delight.
I own a number of shades from this collection and I can honestly say the formula, color and stay ability
is normally a good one to buy. Until now.
The color is brown with a subtle hint of red, yet on the lips it is a deep brown.
Not what I bought it for 😦 It actually reminds me of the color of a baby’s filled nappy, not good not good at all.
then the formula, now to my knowledge collection haven’t changed their formula with this collection
so why would this be any different to all the others I own????? But I assure you it is.
it is a wet consistency and quite clumpy at the same time. (if that makes any sense lol)
It went on easy and thick in some places but light in others, it wouldn’t stay put either, it was a
very naughty lipstick. The other downfall was it bleed too, which I have never had with collection before. I used a few different lip liners and my lip lock but this made the look and the feel worse. I was left with blended lip liner and clump
patches of color and this was 5 minutes after I had finished.
So for me this product I will never buy again. It has not put me off Collection because as I mentioned
I do own a few and like them. So why was this fig delight or should I say fig not so delight different.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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