stripes o go on then

Hi Beauties
today’s blog is nail art at home blog.
I wanted something bright and quirky for my anniversary dinner. I love coming up with new ideas
for my nails, sometimes I see something on you tube sometimes its pictures that give me ideas and sometimes its just simple every day designs that gives me ideas.
So while sitting in my pajamas watching the very 1st season of LOST again I decided to do my nails ready for the next day.
I used:
white label stickers
Barry M Quick speed dry. 504 Full Throttle
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine. 432 Green Berry.
so the 1st thing I did was paint my nails in full throttle, I used 2 coats.
once dried I took the sticker sheet and cut thin lines into it,
then taking the thin strips place them diagonally across the nails.
once you have done all the nails with ย the strips take your next color and do a coat
all over the nails and let them semi dry.they need to be slightly tacky so it is easy to take
the sticker strips off.
Once you are happy with the stripes let them fully dry and tidy up any edging that may
have polish on them.
once finished use your top coat. and that my beauties is one easy nail art design that is bold and quirky.
I put heart stickers on my thumb nails just to be different lol after all it was our anniversary
the next day and that is suppose to = LOVE ๐Ÿ™‚
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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