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Hi Beauties
I was TAGGED in the must have beauty tool blog by the super cute kayla.
If you haven’t already you must pop over and read her blogs but don’t forget to follow for more 🙂
kayla’s Blog
Now this got me stumped lol as you don’t always think about the tools but the makeup and skincare must haves.
So after working out my routine in my head I must have I remember all the things I cannot live without.
1st the rules.
tag up to 5 people and remember to let them know.
List as many must have items as you wish. We are not all the same so some use more than others.
No makeup, skin care ore hair products ALLOWED 🙂
So let’s get started.
My very 1st must have tool is
Yes good old cotton buds but not for my ears lol. I have long nails most of the time so these are a god sent for me. I dip them in my eye creams skin creams and also use them to wipe away any accident make up marks.
You can buy them pretty much any wear and I never pay more than £1 a packet.
I have just done a blog on this tool funny enough click here for blog
This is a fantastic tool, I use it to cleans but also when I feel stressed I pop my moisturizing cream on and use the tool, this is so relaxing and distresses me lol I know I know its a cleansing brush but hay if it helps 🙂 This was on offer for £10 in my local beauty department and rrp is £30, I would defiantly pay the full price if I ever need too.
Cheapest stipple brush I have ever bought and one of the best I have used. I don’t just use it for applying foundation but also for blending especially contour blending and only £1.50.
What a great invention. I use mine every single day mainly on my eyes and under eyes.I have found since using this to blend my concealer my fine lines almost disappear, well until I take off the make up at the end of the night lol.
I love how it just blends with ease on foundation, concealer, contouring.
So this brush I cannot live without. Because I have deep set eyes and also small, most brushes are too big and I am never able to do 3/4 different colors. Where as with this brush I now can do this. This was a gift from my friend in Canada and I bet she didn’t realise at the time how much this brush would help me. The only problem is I need more of them lol
Once ELF comes back to the UK I can then by some more and put stickers on the handles to say light and dark to make life easier lol.
So there you have my must have beauty tools.
I am tagging:
What’s your beauty tool must have’s???
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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