mmmm whipped velvet

Hi Beauties
I wanted to write about MUA Luxe whipped velvet blush.
These were pretty much the 1st cream blushers I had used, I have plenty of powder blush but no other textures.
These were launched this year and priced at £3 each, so while making an online order I decided to take a chance and order shade SPRY.
Packaging is a black tough plastic round container with clear top lid for easy to find color.
No scent, which is great for me as I always worry about scented products on my face.
the texture o my goodness, the feel is so soft and feels like cream, it makes you want to lick your fingers it feels that nice lol.
They defiantly got the name right when calling it whipped velvet.
If you didn’t know about mua being a drug store brand just would swear  it was high end with this
Now applying to the face, well I know a lot of people like to apply with a cream brush but for me
hands down is the finger application. With this shade I made the mistake of applying it quite liberally o nooooooo lol I blended and blended but it was still to much for my cheeks.
I then just took 1 finger and dabbed it to my cheeks. this gave me soft brown glowy looking
cheeks, it goes on so smooth and really likes to be blended lol.
It lasts all day and keeps the glowing look too, which is great for long days with no chance of touch ups.
I use my trusty micealler water to remove make up at the end of an evening and it keep off very clean and with ease.
for my birthday I got another one this time shade Rococo.
A soft pink color. This goes on lighter than the color is in the pot, but is just as blend able soft and durable as my other shade.
before blending. as you can see Rococo is very light.
after blending. blends easily and lasts for hours.
Rococo shade is best for those no make up make up days to give you a hint of color and
glow to the cheeks, especially spring/summer months. As for shade SPRY this would be
great for day and night looks through out the year.
I would highly recommend whipped velvet to anyone starting out with make up for its
ease of use.
superdrug £3.00 each
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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2 thoughts on “mmmm whipped velvet

  1. I have been a little bit sceptical about trying out a cream blush as I have never tried one before. But I think. I am going to try one of these ones. I love the brand mua anway, so I think I am going to give these a try as they sounds amazing!xox

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