are you ready to stamp those cheeks

Hi Beauties
this week seems to have been a blusher week. Everyday I am changing my blusher
collection to get some use out of them and also maybe rekindle any love I may have lost.
so today is about Seventeen stamp blusher.
This were launched early this year and I had to jump on and buy one just to see
how good they were going to be. I mean after all a blush that you stamp on your face and not have to use a blush brush has got to make life easier hasn’t it?
So I chose The cheek of it and stare-struck. Cheek of it is a very pale brown color
and stare-struck is a pinky/peach color.
they come in a oblong coloured plastic container with a mirror on the top.
you twist the bottom to take the sponge applicator side off and  it is like a little spring
that you then push up and down to get blush powder onto the sponge. The blush is in the other end of the container.
The  stare-struck is a very deep colored powder once applied to the skin but with no shimmer,
where as cheek on the go is very pale on the skin but with a lot of shimmer.
I do like the colors but I have to use a brush because this is now where my love for these end.
What a lot of messing around it then becomes. As you can see by the swatch they are very wide swatch’s, I don’t think when they were designing this product they thought about people with small faces are even small cheeks. If you decide to stamp the product onto the cheeks you have to be very very light because the product doesn’t blame easily and you can be left with circle lines, it reminds on of Aunty Sally from Worzel Gumege. If you then decide to sweep it across the cheeks again you are left with lines from the sponge across your cheek, you can’t win, or I can’t win at least lol.
Because I don’t like to waste products I tend to put a blending brush into the container swirl it a round a little bit and then use it that way. I find I can then use a smaller amount of product
so my cheeks are not as harsh looking and still use up the product.
For me I feel £4.99 is a little steep for this blush and have bought cheaper blusher products that work a lot better and with ease.
I know I will use the product up but I will not be buying it again.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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3 thoughts on “are you ready to stamp those cheeks

  1. Lol… you had me chuckling at your About page (the I am of older age part). I too had an aversion for makeup until I got sucked in to the vortex and there’s no turning back now 😉

    This blush does seem to have the potential to make you look freakishly clownish 🙂

    P.S. Thank you for the visit and like on my blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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