5th Anniversary blush back

Hi Beauties
Another blush blog. I seem to go through stages or all the same product blogs lol
so yes this is the same. Last blush blog for a while though I promise 🙂
today is MUA makeup Academy Blush Perfection Cream Blusher
shade Blossom.
Now I had not heard of this one or seen it of the MUA website before, but when it was their 5th anniversary they re launched a palette and a few other products I believe. I have read that these
cream blushers were from 2 years ago and with me only spotting MUA last year I would have missed this one.
This product looks a lot like their powder blusher for £1.00 but is larger and is a cream base,
and costs £2.00.
I wanted the palette and super drug was doing a special offer spend £8 on MUA products and get the palette free, so yes I went and spent money lol.
I chose Blossom for 2 reason’s one it is similar to color to ones I own in powder formula and 2 they had sold out of many others :(.
The 1st thing I noticed about this product was yes it was cream but a wetter formula than I have ever come across.
but when I swatched  it did give a solid color, in my opinion I feel with the consistency being wetter
it actually blends better. the color is a blend of brown and peach and pink.
I know I confuse myself sometimes lol but I can’t quite stick to one color because in different
lights its more brown or peach or pink lol. On the cheeks it is a solid color but not over powering which is great for this time of year.
Nice and blend able with a soft feel to the cheeks. Last all day even in the hottest of day’s.
The packaging is light weight so a good one for your handbag but I do wish they made them the same size as the powder blush as these are the perfect size for your handbag and don’t take up room.
In my opinion £2.00 for this blush is a bargain and I would actually pay £2.00 even if they made this product smaller like the powders.
This is a must have in anyone’s collection, great for 1st time cream blush user’s too.
 till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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