My top 5 lip liners

HI Beauties.
I wanted to share my top 5 lip liners.
I love doing my lips and it is not complete without using lip liners.
And yes I own quite a few, not enough for my liking though lol.
Before I get to my top 5 I want to add I just wish when companies bring out new collections of lipsticks that they would bring
lip liners out to match, no we don’t need 1 color for each lipstick but a variety that matches would be great.
It can be so frustrating choosing a lipstick and not finding a match in my liner collection, that I end up having to use nude for a darker lipstick drives me insane sometimes lol.
top 5 lipliner
top 5 lipliner swatch
So my top 5 lip liners.
1. Barry M number 3.
Click here for website
British Brand
This is a pencil liner you can sharpen when dull. A nice smooth but creamy texture that lasts all day, this
liner has out lasted most of my make up on a number of occasions lol
A nice shade of red for red tone lipsticks, doesn’t work well with dark tone reds though.
Good strong pigmentation
2. Rimmel. 007 Rose Quartz.
Click here for website
British Brand
Another pencil liner that can be sharpened when dull.
It is called Rose quartz but I find it more of a brown tone. Again another winner because it has a smooth
and creamy texture, and lasts all day.
Works well with nudes and light browns.
Not as strong a pigmentation
3. NYX Grape Fruit.
Click here for website
USA Brand.
This is a twist up liner so no sharpening.
Smooth and creamy texture, I find this does last a long time but the work has to go into the prepping for it to last.
A brown and pink tone which works well with browns and pink shade lipsticks.
I like this one because it feels quite strong when using, I have had many of this style that as soon as you put a
bit of pressure on your lips they break, this is really good when adding pressure.
Great strong pigmentation.
4. Annabelle. 020 Sparkle.
Click here for website

Canadian Brand.
A pencil liner that can be sharpened when dull.
I love love love this color as it is a nice light pink shade but metallic, so it gives a nice shimmer to the out
line of you lips. I do sometimes where this all over my lips as a lipstick. Lasts all day and even though
it is metallic and looks like you are wearing sheen lipsticks it doesn’t feel or move like the lipsticks.
Great for pinks, light browns as it slightly changes the color of you brown to have a hint of pink shimmer to it.
Not a strong pigmentation so you do need to build it up.
Avon Shade Deep Plum.
Click here for website
Not actually sure weather Avon is a British or USA brand.
A twist up liner.
This is not as creamy as the other’s but the color is really nice and blends well with lots of my
dark purple lipsticks.
It is quite dry so you lips need to be deeply moisturized before hand. it can break easily
when putting a bit of pressure on but all in all it lasts all day, I have been known to have just the
lip liner still in place and no lipstick left on my lips lol just goes to show how well they last.
Good strong pigmentation.
So there you have my top 5 lip liners.
what are your top liners?
Β till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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