Can you remove blackheads????

Hi Beauties.
Today’s post is about the 3 step blackhead remover from Etude house.
My daughter bless her suffers really bad on her nose with blackheads and we have tried all sorts to remove them.
The only thing so for that works is steaming her face and using the remover tools.
She absolutely hates me doing this on her as it hurts ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
So as you can imagine we have gone threw so many products with lots of fails,
but we never give up on trying new products.
Firstly I have to say my daughter has very sensitive skin (worse than me) as well as medical issue’s with her
skin so we have to be careful, lot’s of products have been too harsh and made her rash or have a breakout so we never leave products on for the required time. We test 1 st and if we see a difference we can then try again with the required time.
This product has had a lot of internet time just lately, with a lot of people crying out for Korean skincare.
So yes we jumped on this product too and hoped for the best.
So firstly she cleansed her nose and cheeks.
starting with step 1. Instructions say take the patch and place on the nose and leave for 15-20 minutes.
We left it for just 10 minutes. Good sign was no tingling.
It is a soft almost cotton wool feel patch, it is slightly moisturized.
Once your time is up, you then wipe away any blackheads that may have come off.
step 2. Slightly wet the area with lukewarm ย water, just slightly remember. Then remove the patch and place on the nose.
Required time 10-15 minutes, this time we left it for 10 minutes.Then remove starting at the edges.
She was very worried this going to hurt her but she said it wasn’t as bad as removing a plaster ๐Ÿ™‚
No tingling.
This is a black sticky patch that has a clear plastic that you have to remove 1st.
This was really strange because you could almost see little dark spots appearing on the lighter side of the patch lol.
You can see it has removed some blackheads.
Step 3. Remove the last patch and place on nose for 5-10 minutes.
We left this for 5 minutes.
this was very tricky because the patch was very wet and slimy.
She needed to lay down for this patch because it just kept slipping down.
Once 5 minutes was up we removed the patch and with a dry tissue dabbed her nose.
Ignore the black at the edging of her nose this was left from the second patch.
Once dry we then checked if it had worked.
11013367_1633346546951719_9190111293212818436_nย 10405386_1633346420285065_5682993313404239323_n
I wish I had of checked the light on the before picture so you could see how bad her nose was.
Yes there are still a few left on her nose but it took the majority away, which really pleased my daughter.
Because we now know she can use this product we can now use it for the required time and I do feel it will take the remainder away.
A very happy daughter makes a very happy mum lol.
I have now ordered a pack of these form Etude house and look forward to getting them and trying them on my husband too, but don’t tell him lol.
ย till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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4 thoughts on “Can you remove blackheads????

  1. Hahaha cool post! Your daughter looks so cute and Im so glad that everything works well to her ๐Ÿ˜€ These patches are useless to me haha, I have to use a charcoal mask that sticks like glue on your nose :)) so when you pull it out, it can pull the blackheads out too ๐Ÿ˜› but it makes me have large pores T.T

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