get your hair curled while food shopping?

Hi Beauties
Today’s blog is about the well known hair company called TRESemme.
I went shopping in Tesco to pick up some bits for dinner and as usual had to pop into my beauty department.
There was this lovely girl who was demonstrating Tresemme Perfectly (un)done. Wave creating moose.
I have curly hair or maybe deep waved hair lol and I had been ill for a week so my hair was a right mess.
She explained that this can be done on dry hair and no tools other than a comb or brush is needed, yeah right!
so I sat down and let her do her magic.
The 1st thing was the smell, it didn’t smell like moose it was almost a perfume scent smell which I really liked.
Now my hair is really thick so it took quite a while for her to get through the layers of hair, I was watching
through the mirror as she was scrunching away at my hair.
I asked if she was a hairdresser and she explained that she worked on behave of Tresemme but not a
hairdresser, as this product didn’t need a hairdresser for you to get nice curly hair.
I was there for around 20 minutes watching slowly this curls bouncing up into my hair.
At this point I must stress that my hair was brushed out frizz straight look as like I mentioned I had been ill so
hadn’t done anything to my hair other than brush it.
So what did I make of this product? well I went and bought it lol. The 2nd thing about this product was the feel,
when using moose I get that sticky tacky feeling on my hands afterwards and my hair is tacky, this didn’t happen,
yes it does leave product residue on your hands but its like I had put hand cream on my hands and not rubbed it all in.
(excuse the mess of myself I just went out for my bits after being ill lol)
My hair was a head of tight curls which surprised me as my hair is so heavy it normally drops within a few minutes
of playing with it, but this didn’t.
I liked how it kept my curls in but it was too much product for my liking but that is the same when we go the hairdresser’s
I always come home and change something lol.
The lady has naturally straight hair and this is her hair after using the product.
I didn’t have a fringe which makes me look a bit more shocking lol but the bouncy and curls and even volume is there.
A great product only £5.50 and so easy to use.
It kept the curls in till next day when I washed my hair. So quick to give me great looking curls without
the use of tools (not that I use any lol) but the feel is great and looks nice and shiny. I will be buying this again.
I am going to try this on my daughter’s hair and will post about that too.
 till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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