Hi Beauties.
What a week it has been, so when the postman knocked this morning to give me this parcel I was very pleased.
I have been better than usual with spending money on makeup, skincare and hair products this month, still couldn’t quite stick to the no spending July lol but I have been very good. I decided that by the end of the month I would do a small spend and this was what I bought.
This company launched I believe about 2 months ago, it is a company that goes along side Make up Revolution.
Most of their products are the same as each other just different names. Why I really don’t know lol.
Still I love makeuprevolution and with the great offer Freedom have on I jumped at the chance.
I have done a youtube video with some swatches that I will upload later today but I wanted to show you what I got.
Yes yes yes more lipsticks lol. This is the PRO RED collection.5 lipsticks all of red tones. £1 each.
Next is the eye shadow palettes. These are handbag size so perfect for when out and about or travelling.
Each palette is only £2.50.
So the offer with these are 5 lipsticks for £4 saving £1.
Palettes 4 for £7.50 saving £2.50 and free eye primer saving £2.50.
So before the discounts I had ordered £15 worth of products.
That when the next offer came in.
Spend £15 get this bundle worth £15 for Free.
4 single eye shadows £1 each.
Eye shadow palette I can’t find the price for this one.
Blush £1
Eye Liner £1.50
Pro Melts up £3.00 each.
I also subscribed to their newsletter which gave me a 20% discount code.
My order was actually approx £33 and then all the discounts and free gives and p&p I paid a grand total off
Now that is a bargain.
I cannot wait to try out the new products and see if they really are exactly the same product as MUR but with different name.
But I am a very happy Dimples today lol.
 till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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4 thoughts on “Freedom

    1. I have tried lots of the brand and I do love it. I own shadows, lippies, lip liners, primers and nail polushes. The only products I wouldn’t recommend are the nail polishes they are not very durable other than that you have got to give them ago x

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