Kiss Kiss Kiss did I say Kiss :)

Hi Beauties,
Sorry there has been no blogging all week as been very busy with my daughter as she is on the school holidays.
So let me get on with telling you about my new love for Kiss Cosmetics lipsticks.
I did a review a while back now on my very 1st order with them 1st review here
I was sent a sample mini 2 weeks ago to review vlog kiss mini
so because of this I needed to get online and buy some more mini samples.
They are selling mini samples of all the vinyl, sheer and kiss sticks for only £2.00 and the size of the samples are great for the price.
I am in love with kisscosmetics lipsticks because they do what I want them to do, LAST lol.
I love the feel and ease of use but lasting time is what we really want from our lipsticks isn’t it, well this is why you should own Kiss lipsticks. They are a relatively new brand that launched this year, but believe me this brand will soon be out there as a must have brand.
But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself, you won’t regret it.
Check out my vlog to see the size of the mini.
vinyl toxic kiss
Mini vinyl Toxic Kiss. £2.00
Almost a bright pink
Will I buy full size product. YES
vinyl naked pink
Mini Vinyl Naked Pink. £2.00
on my lips a subtle nude brown.
Will I buy the full size product. Not sure, only because I am more of a bold color wearer.
seductive damson
Seductive Damson. £2.00
Deep purple or plum.
This is my favorite lipstick this month.
will I buy full size product YES
osculate orchid
Limited Addition Osculate Orchid.
A light purple or lilac color.
Will I buy full size YES.
fresh rose
Fresh Rose.
This is just the same as the naked pink vinyl on my lips.
will I buy full size. No again only because it is to light for me.
glassy pumpkin
Glassy Pumpkin.
Came out very different on my lips, this is more pink than pumpkin lol.
Will I buy full size. No too subtle for me.
 till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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