My week in a blog. 07/09/15

Hi Beauties.
So I am going start a weekly round up blog of as you guessed my week in a blog lol
This is not an idea I came up with, I enjoy these blogs when they pop up from other bloggers and I feel I am
getting to know them better. So why not do this myself.
You can always comment if you don’t want to see this sort of blog but for now I will start doing this.
Monday was a very hectic day, my daughter was back at school the next day after 7 weeks off,
I thought I had sorted everything out but as usual something cropped up. We had to go shopping for
socks, SOCKS!!!!!! why did I forget to buy her socks :(.
The rest of the day was bath, pamper and hair time and early to bed to start the dreaded early
morning alarm again lol.
That alarm clock hurt my ears, but up we got and had porridge for breakfast and a nice cafe au lait.
My daughter was starting year 8. Just do not know where the time has gone, she turned 13 3 days ago 😦
So once she had stopped stressing and felt she was organised off she went.
For me it was time to sit and have another cafe au lait and catch up on Under the dome from Monday night.
The rest of the day consisted of HOUSEWORK NOOOOOOOOOO.
Up with that alarm clock that hurt my ears again lol and once Bethany had gone to school I got myself ready
for my morning at slimming world. I was not looking forward to this session as I haven’t been able to go
for 3 weeks. I gained 1lb, but I did deserve it as I did eat far to much birthday cake from the weekend and maybe
just maybe a little more wine than I actually admitted too 🙂
Off to tesco in the afternoon to book a hair appointment for Saturday as my hair has been cut in 4 months.
I was very good and only bought good food and no treats like sweets or beauty.
Once home I checked my emails as I am waiting on an order from Color pop, I am such a big kid as I can’t
wait for it to be delivered. While checking my emails I noticed one from ELF 50% off everything, so you know
what I did 🙂 and now waiting for this parcel as well.
Mum in law comes for dinner every Wednesday, so the rest of the evening was chatting and eating.
I didn’t sleep at all so decided once daughter had gone to school I would go back to bed.
My daughter tells me her library books are due back that day so I needed to make a library visit 1st 😦
The rest of the day I spent sleeping and then housework and cooking dinner.
Friday’s I try to do the food shop so that I have everything ready for lunches on a Monday and it was Friday.
I cannot believe every time I shop the price seems to go up and up.
I was meant to meet a friend for lunch but forgot all about my shopping so cancelled. Luckily I did
as I got a phone call from my husband, his mum fell down the stairs in the early hours and got trapped by the
stair gate.She was there for 10 hours and was found on the off chance her daughter had nipped in early than
So the rest of the day and evening was at the hospital.
My mum in law has finally realized that she cannot keep doing stairs so will let us all sort the downstairs room out
and make it back into a bedroom. She has no broken bones but is very badly bruised and shook up. So besides cleaning it was a painting day yesterday.
I was very naughty because I ended up eating half a naan bread and chicken tikka at 10pm. But needs must lol.
I am having an almost lazy day, I slept in which is good for me. a small amount of housework and soon I will do
some batch cooking to pop into mum in laws fridge so that her meals are cooked for when she needs them.
So that was my week, started off slow and ended up hectic.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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