My week in a blog. 14/09/15

Hi Beauties.
It has been a long long week this week. Got some blogs ready to upload this week finally and just
uploaded a youtube video, so things are definitely  getting there again lol.
so what have I been upto this week? Not much this week…………
I had to cancel my Zumba as I was round mum in laws, helping look after her. It is nice spending time with her
even if it is under horrible circumstances.
Her bedroom has been done downstairs now so it will be a lot easier for her without using the stairs.
I painted my nails and stamped but as I wasn’t at home wasn’t able to get photos.
My niece decided to borrow my polishes and do her finger and toe nails.
I did a very quick declutter of makeup and nail polish as my sister in law drove me home to pick something up, so
I knew if I did it with her she would like the items for her and my niece.
My daughter wasn’t able to go to school as we had been up all night. So she spent a lot of the day asleep then
luckily she had her English book at home so she was able to do some work so she wouldn’t be to far behind.
I went out and collected my avon books as order is in this week.
luckily my daughter was in school now so I went to slimming world. Not happy at all as I have
gained another 1lb!!!!!!!! But to be fair it could have been more because I have been back and forth and not
had chance to cook.
I went and got subway for lunch for me and mum. Nipped home and my color Pop ordered had finally arrived 🙂
but I didn’t have chance to play lol. Spent rest of day with mum.
I managed to cook a nice dinner which was nice and for me it was time to take control of my weight again.
Made a video of my color pop items ready to edit and upload when I got chance.
Husband is off work Yayyyyyyyyyyy. I feel like I haven’t seen him in ages lol he works a lot and has been
sleeping at mum’s. We went out to sports direct to get him some new bits. we nipped to Tesco to get me some healthy
food and snacks. Then home for lunch. He then went out to clean his car and came back with a present
for me 🙂 an Ipad!!!!!!! omg I was so happy, I have been saying for about 2 years about getting one
but can’t just getting one when I have a computer. He said he bought it because while I have not been at home I have not been able to do my writing or anything. Love him so mum.
Shopping in the morning, mum’s in afternoon. I had a chance to cook a nice dinner again and do 20 minutes
and to be honest that exercise hurt lol but it is my own fault as I have not managed any for over a week.
I played around with my color pop as not had chance and was eager to see what they was like and so far
I like 🙂
Husband here again yayyyyyyyyyy.
We went out to find a few bits for mum and then spent time at her’s.
Hubby went to a football match while I put my jimjams on and pillows and blanket and caught up on my programs.
I got to watch UNDER THE DOME and was sad when it came to the end as there are no more seasons
being made 😦 I decided to do some make up but half full face and half no make up to see how much makeup I actually wear,surprising I don’t wear as much as I thought. (blog soon on this)
Once husband was home we went out for something to eat and then went and watch a film Terminator Genisi.
What a great film, it was confusing at times because it jumps years but soon makes sense thankfully.
so today was a bit weird, I don’t sleep much but fell asleep about 2am and didn’t wake up till 10.30am.
The house was quiet as husband is at work and daughter is at a sleepover. Done some housework had homemade
soup for lunch, uploaded my freedom makeup yay’s or nay’s video to youtube and now here with you lovely beauties.
I am going to do sausage casserole for dinner, do some more blogging and edit some clips I have.
A nice a bath later with my lush products and cleanse my skin.
Get daughter’s school stuff ironed and then relax. No visit to mum’s today as her daughter is taking her to theirs.
So this was my week.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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