Nailbox Septemeber

Hi Beauties
O yes that time of the month again when I receive my nailbox subscription 🙂
I do love love love getting this box and yet again this month it was worth the excitement.
For all those not aware of it is a monthly subscription box full of goodies to do with nails and is
only £15 per month.
You can do the longer subscriptions which then makes the payments lower and is paid in one go.
So what was in my box this time you ask, well read on to see 🙂
1. truebritlondon shade Taxi cab (black)
2. sinfulnails Shade Show off (purple)
3. Nails-Inc-London Shade Queen Victoria Street. (green)
4. eleganttouch Clear base coat 04.
5. A set of nail art brushes.
What a great box again, I have never heard of True Brit London and boy do I want their collection lol, sinful pro shine
is beautiful so thats going on my list and I love nailsinc anyway. Elegant touch do some great nail care and tools
and that is my 1st port of call when in need.
the box value came to over £30 which is double what I paid.
I can honestly say I am still a subscriber lol.
With the box being Halloween themed and me never doing halloween nails I thought why not for once give it ago 🙂wpid-wp-1443273324464.jpg
This is everything I used to achieve my look
and then this is how they turned out.
Excuse the bow I had these on already and didnt want to ruin me nails removing them to soon.
But not bad for never doing this before lol.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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