My week in a blog. 21/09/15

Hi Beauties
So how has your week been?
Mine has been ok, managing to get back up and running with life lol.
I didn’t get to zumba, which was gutting because my daughter had a really bad night being sick :(.
I worked on my avon as I like to text everyone to let them know their order and total is due and such a day.
Managed exercise today which made me feel more alive but tired at the same time lol.
Full face of make up and video recordings.
A blog on my with and without face.Β Click here to read.
Housework galore 😦
Missed slimming world as I got an emergency appointment at the doctors.
made so yummy slimming world muffins.
Avon boxes here so that was all sorted out ready to deliver.
A nice dinner and husband picked mum in law up to bring her round for dinner.
She is still not her self but is a lot better.
Went shopping as I knew I was able to on Friday. Bought a couple of makeup items.
Blog soon on these πŸ™‚
Avon deliveries to my lovely people.
I got a lovely surprise and had a like from both color pop cosmetics and color pop fun, this
made my day πŸ™‚
Had my grandchildren today, my step daughter is getting married next year, so her mum took her
wedding dress shopping. My granddaughters are 2 and 3 months and what a day πŸ™‚
we visited grandma had a naughty lunch lol and lots of play.
More avon deliveries.
Quiet day today, housework blogging and video editing.
Avon run, want more customers lol.
A bit f shopping with a couple of nice makeup bits.
Lots of birthday cards as we have a lot of birthday’s for the month of October.
Managed to watch the film wolf of wall street finally while cooking a roast and cleaning.
So to some my week up, cleaning and cooking galore with some blogs and videos done, now how to change
this around the following week lol.
So to all my lovely beauties, have a great week πŸ™‚
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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