Why didn’t I buy these sooner????

Hi Beauties
Been trying to get this blog up for last couple of days.
I did my youtube vlog on all my colour pop items and now my daughter has helped herself to
a few items 😦 Why o why does my daughter have to like make up lol.
I had heard lots of great things about colourpop and then lots of videos showing us how nice they are.
But being in the UK it was going to cost me an arm and a leg to buy because the only places
that you could get them was Ebay and the prices are ridiculous!!!
Well a few people on a group I belong to helped me set up mymallbox, which then gives you an American
address to buy overseas 🙂 It does take a while but you then have 3 delivery options with prices to choose from and then customs.
so that was it I knew my 1st order was colour pop yay 🙂
I made a small purchase because sometimes, just sometimes we want what we see fellow bloggers have and
they don’t work for us.
My order consisted of:
Ultra Matte lip = Avenue.
Lippie Stix = Boss
Lippie Stix = Tiger.
Highlighter = Monster.
Eye shadow = Shark Attack
Eye shadow = Bandit
Eye shadow Bites.
I am now left with 4 items, which is so annoying lol.
colour pop shadows
Bandit and bites is what I still own lol.
They are high pigmentation long lasting and very blend able.
They are a pressed powder but feel creamy and no fall out.
If I had the money I would buy every single shadow they sell because these
are not only affordable but fantastic colours.
colourpop lips
Now please excuse my face it was late in the day 🙂
Lippie stix in Boss and ultra matte in Avenue.
The ultra matte was the thing I was excited about, because as you all know I
am now lipstick obsessed.
Sadly though I am not a big fan of this product. It is a great colour (right pic)
and it really is matte and very pigmented but it does not stay in place for long.
it is very hard to apply, if you use the sponge applicator it gives you too much
on the outline and not enough on the middle of your lips and if you use a brush it dries to quick to
cover all your lips.
I found it to get on everything 😦 If I had eaten it’s on my lips, drink all over the glass ect.
Now the lippie stix this was just another to see what all the hype was about and
boy am I glad I did. It goes on effortlessly, doesn’t bleed lasts at least 5 hours before touch ups,
good pigmentation.
This is not going to last me long as I have had it a week and already it’s my go to lipstick.
So yes I have to agree that colour pop is well worth the buy and I am hoping to do another order before
Christmas as I know my daughter would like the Kathleen Lights collection collab,
I can then see which I like best and maybe keep it lol.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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