My thoughts on ELF products.

Hi Beauties
I really don’t know what happened to my blogs this week.
I wrote them out and popped them on save to post but they have disappeared 😦
Still onwards and upwards and another blog here now.
Today’s blog is on ELF products, I have the odd product from ELF but never had the chance to do some buying
myself, until now 🙂
I have featured the eyeshadow brushes in a blog as I really do love the brush section they have and
at great affordable prices and quality of them whats not to love, but now it’s time to branch out.
I did a youtube video on my 1st impressions when I did my unboxing and now can give my thoughts as I have
had chance to wear them over and over.
1st product = ELF Prism palette in sunset.
12088155_1668057830147257_2030922134925335255_n  12072653_1668057853480588_4104986310730252218_n
SUNSET                                    NAKED
I had heard a few great reviews about the prism palettes from fellow youtubers and jumped at the chance to get
some for myself. They have 4 palettes in this collection but sadly there was only 2 in stock.
I wasn’t going to buy this sunset one as I just wasn’t sure on the colours.
I am so glad I did, this is by far my favorite palette at the moment.
Not great pigmentation but easily built up, blends really well too. You do get a slight fall out but nothing that can’t
be blown away. Long lasting and some great shimmer play going on with these too 🙂
Comes in Elf’s hard black plastic case, super slimline and a good mirror inside.
Great product to travel with.
All this for £7 each.
Moisturizing Lipstick shade Bordeaux Beauty
Now let me say if you love sweet tastes and lipstick then best you jump on the internet now and get this
lipstick. Wow wow wow this lipstick ticks all the boxes for me.
plum color with a dark pink tone to it, very moisturizing, super pigmentation, long lasting and tastes great,
yes you heard me right lol this has some great taste to it, almost like I have a lollipop in my mouth.
I cannot put my finger on the actual smell but like I say its sweet.
That can be a downfall if like me you keep licking your lips because you can’t get enough of that taste 😦
But saying that this lipstick has done it’s self proud and is well worth £5.00.
1 negative to this is there is not enough colours for my liking.
Dark red shade Wine, light red is in shade Red.
You all know I am a sucker for lipsticks and lipliners so how could I by pass these little beauty’s.
The great thing about this product is it comes with it’s own blending brush.
the brush is flat and round edged but blends really well.
The actual lip liners are very pigmented and are long lasting but and this is a but with regret, I do own
lip liners that are even more long wearing and durable.
Creamy texture that glides onto the lips with easy and bendable but where I am use to seeing lip liner left
on the lips and nothing else at the end of the night, this has most definitely gone it’s own way by then.
But for the price is cheap enough to give it a try. £3.00
Top Berry Sorbet, bottom Rich Red.
I was really looking forward to these lipsticks because of all the great reviews on them. Yes more matte lipsticks
with great reviews how could I possibly say no.
These matte’s come in a sleek long thing black plastic casing and are like lip liners twist able but
much thicker than a liner. A great amount of product inside which really surprised me.
Not overly pigmented but can be built up. it has a creamy formula when applying but gives a great matte
effect and long lasting too 🙂
Everything you want and need in a matte lipstick is here with these products.
Now I do have a an annoyance with these 😦 the colors that don’t go with the names.
I ordered these from my phone so yes little pictures but I went on the names. Berry sorbet to me is a deep plum/purple colour and yet this is pink, almost coral as it does have an orange tone to it.
Rich Red says it in the name RED, not plum or purple but RED and this is not red not even a tone of red this is a plum.
Yes I do love the colours but o this does annoy me when they give names that makes no sense to the color.
And this is the end result with sunset palette.
Wine lip liner.
Moisturizing Lipstick.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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