1st ever Halloween face

Hi Beauties
yes you guessed by the title I actually attempted a Halloween makeup face, nope can’t believe it myself either lol.
It was hard because I have never attempted anything like this before but like all other you tuber’s and bloggers we
embrace the season with our looks πŸ™‚
No I am not saying this look is great but I am ok with it for my 1st time.
It has shown me that if you keep trying you can attempt things you have never done before and so I will attempt again
soon lol.
Now forgive for all my pictures are screen shots from my you tube video as I forgot to take pictures while doing my face.
So this is how I started, just me and my double chin lol.
I don’t own face paint makeup so I had to improvise and started with Freedom London lipstick in white for
the foundation.
I then used maybelline lipstick in red for around the eyes.
Then using my make up academy matte palette I added black eye shadow on top
of the red and blended.
Then using Avon Kohl pencil I put this in both my upper and lower water line.
Using the same black pencil I filled in my lips and then on top used the red lipstick.
Then taking Barry M lip liner in Red made lines to give the effect of burst veins, a little black pencil then
slightly blend.
then heavy duty grey shadow lines under my cheek bones and went over them slightly
with the white lipstick and blended again.
and lastly back comb my hair and sprayed dry shampoo over to give the white effect in my hair.
me halloween
and there you have my 1st ever halloween face.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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