I love Nail Polish :)

Hi Beauties, Yes what a terrible photo lol I keep giggling when I look at it 🙂
Looks like I have no teeth and my eyes are popping out. But these polishes were so heavy and
it was difficult to balance that this was the best snap I got.
As I think you are aware by now that my biggest obsession is polish, I only mention it well all the time.
I had been asked a few times about my nails and my collection and felt ready to try and do a video.
I put a little video up on Instagram and asked if people felt it would be a good enough collection, because not every bottle I own is well know and not all are high end as you would say.
I have worked on this for a few days making my video for you tube and I will be honest it did stress me out,
I just wasn’t sure if I had enough or even if it would be good enough.
BUT I have finally uploaded it Mrs Dimples Beauty.
So now it’s time to share my collection in my blog for you guys.
p11 p10
These two red beauties have to be my favorite at the moment from all my reds.
Barry M in Copa Cabana & O.P.I in Big Apples Red.
Barry M have brought out a lot of great colors this year and I do have to say my mouth waters when I know I
am going somewhere that has the polishes lol Now don’t get me wrong I own a fair few of these and yes I could still own more, but I have been very good at saying no.
Barry M have done great with their Matte collection, they apply well and last a round a week before chipping.
I like to buy Mattes because well just like my lipsticks if you buy matte you have a choice to shine or not 🙂
O.P.I I really don’t own enough of these, they are one of my favorite brands. I love everything
about O.P.I from the bottle to the brush, the way it glides on. Sometimes you can get away with one coat and it
is really long wearing.
p13 p14
Yet again top 2 favorites at the moment are
Barry M matte in Malibu & opi in I stop for Indi-go
Look at that matte in Malibu do I actually need to say more. The color is so addictive because it is different,
again matte you can top coat with a gloss. The O.P.I what a deep deep blue with a very high shine.
I didn’t add any top coats to my nails so you can see the real lacquers and boy does this shine.
p21 p22
My mauve’s and hands down my all time favorites from my whole collection.
Morgan Taylor in Just for the Occasion & O.P.I in Your cute when you wine.
I love purples and red but combine the together and I am heaven.
This Morgan Taylor polish has very fine glitter particles that evenly spread around the nails.
I love the shape of the bottles as they remind me of O.P.I elegant looking.
I wear this color all year round not just for Christmas 🙂 The only down side to this beauty is
removing it, like all glitter polish it is stubborn and doesn’t want to be taken off.
O.P.I your cute as wine was a gift from my friend in Canada and I fell in love with the color instantly.
A dark mauve with brilliant shine, what more can a girl want lol.
p25 p24
I promise you this is the last 2 I will show you, because I could be here all night talking and showing you my babies.
My favorite Blacks at the moment.
True Brit London in Taxi Cab & Pretty in Black.
Now this is where I get angry with polish because I love a black but not one black comes up to my standards
I am very fussy. BUT as god is my witness I have FINALLY got the perfect black. I subscribe to
nailbox a monthly box full of goodies for the nails and last month was TRUE BRIT LONDON. firstly the bottle was took me by surprise because it is beautiful the most attractive bottle for polish I have ever seen (yes I am in Love)
Then I noticed it was black and my heart sank, but wow what a black, 2 coats of smooth gliding super lasting black
that really is black, I find with black 3 or 4 coats later to get the black you need and then it is too thick that it
will smudge, well not anymore. Not only that I went to the website and holy moley the colors the names the bottles.
I felt I had died and gone to polish heaven. I have put these on my Christmas wish list in the hope of santa popping some under the tree for me.
Ok so this next one is quite different in price and substance but is still one of my favorites. I bought this from
poundland because I needed a cheap varnish for a project I was doing. It is not super strong and for the blackest black
you would need a ton of coats but once I had finished with it I decided to play around with it and this
little pretty is perfect for my nail stamping, because its not a thick consistency it works great in getting into the
little details on the plates. I love how it doesn’t dry quick so gives me time to get it from the plates to the nails.
Because I use a good strong top coat that helps keep it in place, so for £1 its great for those stamping days.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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