My week in a blog

Hi Beauties.
Well what a week it has been.
Been quite busy, not that I am complaining.
So I started the week still with earache in both ears now 😦
But because I had time to rest I managed to get a bit more organised, new book and pen and the ideas
came, which really helped, it also helped to write down what people were asking from my blogs and videos too, so
this way I can work out weather I can do them or not.
One of the questions kept coming up about my nail collection so I worked on putting one together all week,
only took 5 days for one video that lasts 8 minutes lol.
My blog list has gone up yay, most of the time I tend to do a blog and video on the same topic because as much
as  I am loving learning and getting on with the videos I have to write my blogs because most of the time I feel I can
talk better through this than speech.
12144896_1670537023232671_5596857084400332718_n  p11 p22
Just a couple of photos from the blog that I posted a couple of days ago
I wrote a blog and did my make up for Halloween which I was really pleased with, so for all those that haven’t
managed to see the blog yet this was my 1st attempt at Halloween makeup.
me halloween
I thought it was quite funny at 1st but the more people commented the more I like the look and really want to
fit another one in soon to try out.
Slimming world well I had been naughty last week with Chinese takeaway so I stayed the same but never mind.
It is Avon week and that means busy busy but I didn’t realize how busy until the delivery man knocked on the door and I couldn’t see him. He said you have got some boxes there lady. Yep with the Christmas gifts coming out people are started to order now, don’t blame them I am half way through my list too.
So spent 2 days checking the orders, prices and packing and then more than half delivered by Saturday,
still a few to go but that’s Monday onward.
My mallbox contacted me to say my Elf order was there, so I asked for my colour pop and Elf to be combined and
that is now on it’s way to me, I do get excited when I know I have parcels coming.
I also had a bargain buy this week. Look fantastic was offering 15% off benefit real cheek party,
also another discount because it was my 1st order so from £29.99 down to £15,87.
It should be here by Monday, but I am stuck with a dilemma, do I keep it for myself and have it now? do
I keep it for myself and put it away for Christmas from my hubby? or do I put it away for my daughter for Christmas?
I just can’t make my mind up.
I also have an interview next week for assistant to the driver for special needs school children, which
would be good because the house work around my daughter and I am back working with
children again. So wish me luck on that 🙂
So that was my week.
Hope you all have had a good week too.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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2 thoughts on “My week in a blog

  1. Sorry about your earache – ouch!
    Nail polishes are so easy to collect and hoard… I’m sitting at close to 500 myself! 😛
    I miss having access to Avon – there used to be someone who sold it at my old work but now there’s no one! I really like Avon nail polishes. 🙂
    Good luck with your interview!

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