Beauty and a box

Hi Beauties
ooooooooo I had to share my favorite item for this month and it was bought this month and
I have used it every single day since it came.
I an soooo in love with this.
Benefit Cheeky Party.
O gosh I am in love with the tin, look at the design, it is a tin that once the product has finished I will be using
for storage or something.
I waited quite a while for this to be delivered because it was on offer from Look,
so as you can imagine a lot of people jumped online and bought this. rrp Β£30 but we got them for
So what’s inside……………………..
Dandelion blush
Rockafella blush
Hoola blush or bronzer
Coralista blush
Sugerbomb blush
Whats up highlighter
They’re Real push up liner
They’re Real mascara.
Look at the colours, so pigmented.
The blushes blend so well great pigment and I find that even though they are strong pigments they are very light
and can be built up with ease, which I love.
They last all day with now fading.
Slight fall out but nothing a quick tap of the brush helps.
Highlighter I already own but I have to say it is the most beautiful highlighter. So subtle but very effective.
I don’t tend to high light my nose because my high lighters are quite shimmering but this highlighter works perfect for my nose and doesn’t leave a grease feeling ethier.
They’re Real push up liner I don’t own but had read a few reviews about it and was very excited to try this out.
O yes is what I say, it has a rubber angled nip that helps when appling the liner. Being blind when I apply
eye liner I have to go by feel and this really helped and it is so black I only need one coat.
They’re Real mascara is anther product I don’t own and to be honest I wasn’t that bothered that this would be in there because I didn’t rate my roller lash and bad gal lash mascaras.
Both the mascaras irritated my eyes after a couple of hours and this would probably be the same.
o nooooooooo I would eat my hat if I had one because this mascara is great, great, great.
Glides onto my lashes easily, no clumps and really gives me the false look. It didn’t feel heavy or irritate
like the other two. I have to mention it is so easy to apply but boy once on it does not want to go anywhere.
I use micellar water to remove makeup and never had a problem but this mascara is tough lol.
I could probably wear it for a week before it came off, not that I want to try that theory lol.
What a great treat to get in the post.
I would be very happy to buy this for the rrp, it is worth every penny.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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