Nailbox October

Hi Beauties
Can you believe it is nearly the end of October already.
So for me it was delivery time from my favorite subscription box Nail box uk.
I didn’t know what to expect from this month’s box as we had our Halloween box last month,
well this month was autumn themed.
. nicole-by-opi-nail-polish-drying-drops
2. Rimmel-London-60-Seconds- shade Caramel Cupcake. £2.99
3. Essie Rock at the top Top coat. £8.95
4. nailsinc gel-effect Shade Kensington High Street. £15.00
5. eleganttouchnail-scissor £12.50
Nail box don’t do things by halves do they. I can’t find a price for the drying drops in British currency
but looking at prices in USA they are about $6.
Nailsinc alone is the price of the box then add on the rest. I do love adding up the prices when I get them lol
yes sad I know, but it’s the little things in life lol.
Now I have not tried the dry drops as I never really use anything for drying my polish but I will give it ago and to be
honest I had never heard of this until the product came, so I did some research and it seems this
is one of those products people can’t live without.
I love rimmel so this just adds to my collection and the color mmmm makes me want a caramel bar.
Essie now as much as this is a beautiful top coat it is a nightmare to remove. I tried it on on finger and I
ended up having to use my nail file to remove it. My daughter sat for 10 minutes to remove hers too.
So if I am going to wear this I know it needs to be one of those weeks where I wont be changing polish.
Nailsinc I am very disappointed in this one. for £15 you want something that is easy to apply, not messy and lasts.
Well I got none of this with the polish. Great great color but quality and use 0. It is very hard to do a thin coat as it is thick,
it doesn’t apply well so makes quite a bit of mess around the edging. It lasted me 1 day, yes one day before it
chipped. You would expect this from cheaper brands but not Nailsinc.
Elegant touch I love getting this brand in the box because it is always something useful.
The scissors are shape and curved but just enough curve to cut with ease in one cut.
Not heavy or too small to get fat thumbs like mine into lol.
So that was my nailbox for October, I wounder if Novembers with be Christmas themed I do hope so.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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