Hi Beauties
Well I couldn’t resist buying some nail polishes last week because well the colors just jumped out at me and
I could here a George Benson style voice saying BUY ME, BUY ME.
How could you say no to a voice like that lolololol.
So while casually shopping for grocery’s I was pulled by this invisible rope to the makeup department,
I didn’t put up a fight because once I knew where I was being pulled too well I just knew I wouldn’t buy
anything, so why not have a browse.
I ended up at the Barry M Counter and was quietly minding my own business when these 3 polishes jumped out at me,
I said to myself ” No I must be strong, I must not buy any more polish” I went to walk away and I had to have one more stare, I was thinking about how nice they would look with a matte top coat or half and half nails and then all of a sudden
I thought I heard George Benson (the singer) say “BUY ME BUY ME, you have to have these in your collection”
well that was it the next thing I remember is going to the till and they was in my basket lol.

So now you know the very true story of why I ended up with 3 more bottles I can tell you wow.
These colors are to die for, they are great for mix and match, shine coat and matte coat.
1. 357 Ballerina.
2. 358 Vintage Violet.
3. 115 Red Black.
I do like Barry M polish because they are long lasting, easy to use and the brush is the perfect applicator
for my liking. I love how they are not thick, once applied no streaks and great great colors.
Great autumn colors but also all year round use too (bonus).
£2.99 each but Barry M do have a lot of offers on polish. These polishes are from the classic collection.
Why not pop over to the website, link underneath photo and have a look for yourself.
I may go back this week and see if this happens again to me lol.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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