My week in a blog.

Hi Beauties
Belated Happy Halloween 🙂
I do hope you all have fun if you went partying or took the little munchkins trick or treating.
So here is my weekly round up.
What did I do this week, well lots of blog writing as you can see by my posts. It has been great to get fully
back into the swing of writing again.
Went to slimming world after not going for a bit and gained 1.5lbs but it was fully deserved.
Finally got to meet up with my girlfriends for a full night of Chinese, drinks and so much laughter that my head
hurt by the time I got home. Dam blood pressure lol.
Took daughter shopping as it has been half term and the weather has been pretty poor.
We bought a few nice things had lunch and a good giggle.
I was very disappointed with Tanya Burr’s advent calendar, I bought it for daughter and had a nose
just in case there was an item in there she has asked me for. Not worth the money in my opinion.
Husband had a day off and took us both out to Lakeside (big shopping center) we had lunch again but I was very
pleased with myself and didn’t join them for Burger King and had coffee with two cereal bars lol.
After a good walk round popping in and out of Mac, Benefit and lots more shops, we popped to Ikea
to get a few bits for our bedroom.
I have been watching a series from a couple of years back called Heroes which I am fully enjoying
and do not know why I missed it when it came out the 1st time round.
You tube video editing has been long this week but still enjoying do them. I really want to push harder with the
videos and get better so that people may enjoy them better.
I was very pleased last week as my Instagram followers hit 200.
I know not a great deal to some people but for me this is fantastic. My picture likes are going from say 14-15
to 30-40 which is really making me smile.
I am waiting for my CRB check to come through the post and then I will be able to start working again soon,
so that’s another exciting thing for me to look forward to.
So ok it has been a busy week and pretty basic to some of you, but I feel great health wise,
and this has give me the get up and go to concentrate more and get my blogs up more often.
son has just come through the door as I have been writing this and gave me a card.
I think this was such a nice surprise, a nice message inside too saying thanks for all you do and don’t you ever
forget  me and Bethany love you.
What a lovely thing to start the week off with.
So that was my week.
Hope you all have had a good week too.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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