Loving Pomade

Hi Beauties
So I wanted to do a blog on Freedom’s new pomade since the 1st time I used it lol, but like any normal blogger we
have to step back and wait till we really know what the product is like.
I have been using it every single day and I still get that omg feeling when I use it.
So if you watch my favorites videos you will notice me go on about Barry M brow kit and yes it was my HG.
But now that has all changed.
freedom makeup london recently brought out a few new products and boy am I glad I was on their website
like a shot to find out what these products where.
Pro Brow Pomade in Blonde.
I had heard a lot about HD brows from people that use Anastasia Beverley Hills, but I never bought
it because of the price,you just never know what color is right for you so you could spend up to £20
and it be no good.
Anyway this product is £5 and you have a choice of 11 shades.
I didn’t hesitate on popping this into my basket because well £5 you can’t go wrong with that
even if it is the wrong color. I went for blonde because if it was too light for me it would work for my daughter.
I have bought quite a few different brands and style of brow products over the past year and I have to
say I could never do my eye brows but I stuck to it, practicing every day and little by little I was getting there.
Now the closes I have got to using an eye brow brush is with the wax from Barry M, the color was fair but still too
dark for me, but the wax was perfect just a hint of color and worked well, until this.
Freedom’s description:
Professional Bold Brow Impact from Pro Brow Pomade is the most effective ‘bullet-proof’ solution
for HD Brows. Its gel like formula performs all day for bold brow impact. Available in eleven
shades to complement all skin tones and hair colours. Perfect for creating professionally defined,
natural-looking brows.
Gel like formula more like smooth able cream, it feels so soft and creamy and is fantastic to use, I can shape
my brows even easier now. The colour is perfect for me and it lasts all day and I mean all day.
I hate taking it off at night now because I just love how it makes life so much easier for me and great looking
(Well I say they are good lol)
This is a definite product we should all have in our make up bags and for the price, well you just can’t go wrong.
Freedom London have really hit the nail on the head with this product. Thanks 🙂
I must add I did my daughter’s brows and she is just as much in love with this product as me, so another
little stocking filler for Christmas for her I think.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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