More Colour Pop :)

Hi Beauties.
Yes you guessed by the title I have had another order from Colour Pop.
I loved the 1st package that it only seem right to order again lol.
My daughter has asked for Kathleen Lights quad for Christmas so really it would be rude not to get a couple
of more bits for myself ๐Ÿ™‚
1st off the mark is two more super shock eye shadows.
Both are Mattes.
I went for matte because I loved how the last eye shadow blended so well and was long lasting.
I SPY is a soft cream/brown but with a orange over tone to it. Super soft feel, great pigmentation,
blends well and long lasting.
Cop A Feel well I am disappointed in this one, hardly any pigment, super soft feel but very powdery.
1st colour pop eye shadow I own that has some fall out.
I tried to build the COP A FEEL up so you could get some idea but it is so low in pigments that you can’t see it.
You are left with powder fall out but no colour.
I Spy well this goes great with my shark attack and bites. No fall out for any of these ones.
But I suppose you can’t win them all lol.
Will I order again Hell yes, that was 1 out of 6 shadows that doesn’t work for me. Ideally this could be for a
younger teenager to make them feel like they are wearing shadow without the look
of make up.
Next I ordered ermmmmmmmm 2 more lippie stixs lolololol
LBB & Poison.
LBB I think should stand for Little Baby’s Bottom lol this is the red or mauve colour lippie stix.
This is a fantastic colour for me as it is almost the same shade as my favorite nail polish ๐Ÿ™‚
Poison looks brown but is more of a dark reddish brown.I don’t mind this even though I thought I was buying
brown because I love red lipsticks anyway.
Both lippie stixs are so smooth the glide onto the lips so easy, makes light work of adding lippie.
Long lasting for me about 4 hours before top up is needed.
I can’t wear a lip lock on top because it then goes clumpy, no idea why it just does, but I don’t mind 4 hours.
I love the sheen on both of these too, not over glossy looking just a nice subtle shimmer.
Would I buy again, well it would be rude not to lol.
I haven’t opened the Kathleen Lights quad as I mentioned it is a Christmas present for daughter, but
I am seriously going to try and put another order in before Christmas and get the quad for myself.
So look how good I was only 2 eye shadows and 2 lippie stixs from colour Pop this time.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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