Do you really get what you pay for?

Hi Beauties.
I am not sure what is going on with my skin lately but my foundations do not seem to be sitting well.
I have a few different ones that have worked really well for a while and now well I am baffled.
So it was time to go and try different brands of foundation to see if I could find one that will make me
feel comfortable.
After buying some new ones and trying them out it is now time to review some.
first on my list and today’s blog is all about:
Collection Matt Ivory no2.
I have tried and own a few items from Collection so when I seen this foundation on offer for £4 normal
RRP £6.99 I decided it was worth a shot.
I tried some samples in the shop and Ivory was for me. (note I normally am Ivory in the winter)
Firstly I need to mention that while sampling in the shop the consistency was thick but very smooth,
this gave me the thought that it would be a good coverage and we can get away with thick texture foundations
this time of year, but when I used my product it was quite fine and watery 😦 Strange I know
because isn’t the sample tube suppose to be the same as the product in the full size tubes?
I did shake it each time just to make sure but no it definitely is a watery consistency.
The 2nd thing I noticed was it does have a slight orange tone to it, which we all know is not a great look.
It must have been the lighting in the shop because there was no orange tint when I sampled it,
I did notice a slight orange tint on the darker shades so maybe it was just an over sight on my behalf.
So I have applied the foundation with a foundation brush, a stipple brush and a beauty blender and no matter
what I use I can swear I have the foundation on but you can’t tell. This is definitely not a high coverage base.
I could feel I was wearing it and if I touched my face just with a finger tip it felt wet even after a few hours.
Matt well I have combination skin mostly on the oily side so matte is great when you can get the right one.
This was no way in any form a matte, after I finish I use ELF HD loose powder and it did nothing to help
matte it out. I tried with Rimmel Stay Matte which works great on me but still looked shiny.
Now even if I don’t like something I do try again and again as I don’t like negative products and reveiws,
but once I did my face up and after 10 minutes I had to remove it because I couldn’t handle the wet feel,
walking round with a damp feeling face is not nice, I got some tissues and wiped and it just slides off the face.
Now I am not saying this won’t work for you but it definitely did not work for me which is a real shame especially
as the price £6.99 is a great price, but then that got me thinking, do you really get what you pay for?
Well actually no. I own £1 lipsticks and £25 lipsticks that work and feel the same way, I have Make Up Academy
foundation that is £2 and works better than this one.
I think it is all about the brand and how they make their products. There are so many brands out there
that the saying “it’s a dog eat dog world” comes to mind.
But if you are trying to be on your A game and get your brand to be the one everyone wants to buy then orange tone,
wet consistency and feel is not the way to go for me anyway.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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3 thoughts on “Do you really get what you pay for?

  1. Aww…. what a waste of 6.99! I think I am most weary of purchasing foundation. If it doesn’t work and just sits on your vanity or in your drawer you catch yourself having a conversation with it… “Sigh, what am I going to do with you…?”

    Liked by 1 person

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