My Week In A Blog

Hi Beauties
another week gone from this year, where is the time going?
Only a few weeks left for christmas………………….
It has been a busy week for me this week, posted lots of blog posts 🙂
Trying new things out for my blogs and videos.
Slimming world lost 1/2lb, was very disappointing because I worked so hard.
Walked everywhere to get my exercise going a bit more.
Did some Christmas shopping and I am nearly done Phew.
I was getting a bit frustrated with presents though because there is so many nice things I would buy but apart
from my daughter and nieces no one is into beauty like me 😦
I have gone a bit mad on candles too at the moment. Candles and tarts burning everywhere lol
got a review coming up this week on the new company I found and really
liking called Village Candles.
I had my hair finally chopped off, so short again and it only took 2 months to get back to the hair dressers lol.
Been spending a lot of time on Instagram this week too, tell you what I noticed, I reach a number say 230
and within a couple of days it’s down to 225. People seem to follow you and when you follow them,
they then unfollow you WHY??? But at the same time I enjoy the genuine followers I have
and been talking to some great people.
My you tube channel has gained 2 more subscribers taking me to 32 subscribers, which has
made me very happy because when I started I didn’t think I would get even 10 lol.
I cut all my nails this weekend, I hate having short nails and to be honest when they are short I end up
putting acrylics on because I love my nails but instead I gave them a good manicure
and painted them with a light blue violet color and fingers crossed I can let them grown back
before I get frustrated lol.
This week I have a few blogs to write, videos I am now going to do 1 a week and post on a Sunday,
I find I enjoy making you tube videos but I enjoy writing my blogs more. So just to push myself
to get videos made I will push myself to get one up each Sunday and see how that goes.
So beauties have a fab week
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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