Maybe it’s Maybelline

Hi Beauties
sorry for the title but it just jumps into my head every time I mention Maybelline lol.
Today’s blog is about their lasting drama gel liner ( what a name) in
blackest Black.
I have not found an eyeliner (apart from Benefit) that doesn’t smudge and end up looking like you have black
eyes or that you have put a black line in your crease.
While looking for an item for a friend I noticed this product on offer 2 for £10 so I thought why not, me and friend
can pay £5 each. I didn’t hold out much hope but you have to try don’t you.
The gel comes in a small frosted glass pot with its own brush, I found the brush to be too big for my eyes
so swapped it for my ELF eye liner brush which is perfect for me.
This product is black even when you smudge or blend, it stays black, which a lot of eye liners look more grey
when blended.
It goes on super smooth and so easy it makes life so much easier.
The color didn’t even tone down after a few hours, it was still black after 8 hours, which is what we want.
Wings on me do tend to slip or smudge after a while but this gel didn’t. Once I had applied it
I didn’t touch it so it gave the product chance to dry, which does help you loads.
This is how good the staying power is it took a while to remove with my micellar water, just like my benefit push up
liner. Normal price is £7.99 and is definitely worth the price, especially if you are into using eye liner.
This product comes in 4 shades, blackest black, brown, blackest gold and black silver. I am going to purchase
the brown for those days when I don’t want to go bold.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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