What’s that smell???

Hi Beauties
2 weeks ago I popped into Basildon with my daughter and walked past a shop that caught my eye. CANDLES 🙂
I do love a bit of candle burning in this house. At 1st it looked like a yankee candle shop but no it was
a company called Village Candles.
They look very simple to Yankee candles
wpid-wp-1446402915620.jpg wpid-wp-1446402924430.jpg
Facebook village candles
Village candles is a relatively new company for the UK that seems to be growing fast here.
It is a US based company that has been going for 20 years.
Village Candle UK supply handcrafted premium fragrance candles that utilize dual wick technology, dual wicked
candle burns cleaner, leaves less wax residue, generates less soot, creates more light and provides a pure,
clean fragrance.
I decided I had to give these candles ago because not only did they have so much to choose from, but
the prices are super affordable.
The lady that runs the shop in Basildon was so friendly, she told me all about village candles and how
they except any candle back that won’t burn right or there is no throw. Basically if you are not happy they
will try again to make sure you are satisfied.
I decided to make a small purchase so I could check the candles out and see how good they are compared
to Yankee.
What I bought…….
1. Sleigh Ride, Premium 11oz jar. 55 hours burn time.
2. Brownie Delight. Premium 11oz jar. 55 hours burn time.
3. Black Cherry 6 wax pack. upto 20 hours burn time.
4. Cherry Vanilla swirl. 6 wax pack. upto 20 hours burn time.
15 16
These are the Cherry Vanilla swirl wax.
I used half a tart wax in each and the throw is fabulous, good strong fragrance that lasts
a while longer than after the tea light has finished. Such a nice sweet smell.
cherries infused with hints of strawberry, peach and raspberry and sweet vanilla bean.
This is by far my favorite right now.
Sleigh Ride.
Clean fresh air is intertwined with cedar and pine and finished with a touch of lily.
This candle doesn’t seem very strong and you would only notice it when you walk out the room and back in again
to realize it’s fragrance, but at the same time you could be sitting there and every so often you get this really
strong perfume smell and then you remember your candle is burning
Brownie Delight.
I was warned about this candle lol and o god I should never have bought it because all I want is chocolate:)
This is the strongest scent of the 3 so far.
Dark chocolate, butter, brown sugar and vanilla create this all American delight.
This burns in my kitchen to give that baking chocolate kitchen smell. As soon as you light it the scent is there.
I have not tried the black cherry yet. I have no rooms downstairs to use lol.
Succulent, tart, rich and juicy black cherries
I am looking forward to getting these wax blocks burning.
Right now I have to say there is definitely competition now for the top candle company.
I am hoping to get back to the shop this week to get a couple more candles and also I looked on the website
and some new Christmas fragrances are coming along with novelty holders.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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